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Introducing the groundbreaking Toughbook Arbitrator, a rugged revolution in law enforcement video capture.

The Specs

Panasonic and Global Mounting Solutions, Inc. are proud to announce the Toughbook Arbitrator - a rugged and durable mobile digital video system specifically designed to excel in the demanding environments law enforcement personnel face daily. The Toughbook Arbitrator includes the following components:

  • Camera
    The Arbitratorís rugged camera is resistant to temperature, vibration and splashes encased in magnesium for industry-leading reliability. Its custom designed mount ensures stability, dissipates heat, and allows for mounting in existing sun visor holes.
  • P2 Storage Card
    Rugged and reliable, the Toughbook Arbitratorís solid state P2 card stores up to 4 GB (16 hours) of video yet is the size of a PCMCIA card. Best yet, it enables law enforcement personnel up to 100,000 data rewrites with no decrease in quality.
  • Video and Audio Recorder
    The Arbitratorís video and audio recorder mounts easily in a squad carís console or trunk. Advanced MPEG4 technology deliver high quality 30 frame per second video at low bit rates, enabling transfer of video files over 802.11g, EDGE and EV-DO wireless networks at reduced thru put rates.

  • Microphone System
    Ultra portable and powerful, the Toughbook Arbitratorís wireless microphone attaches easily to a police officerís belt and can transmit quality audio up to 1,000 feet from the receiver.

The advantages of the Toughbook Arbitrator are substantial. At GMSI we pride ourselves in providing the complete solution for our customers and the Arbitrator is a great addition to your law enforcement needs.

The Summary

The Arbitrator is a rugged and durable mobile digital video system specifically engineered to excel in the demanding environments law enforcement personnel face every day. The Arbitrator is also the first time a major video camera manufacturer has produced a system from the ground up for the Public Safety Mobile Digital Video Marketplace. Along with Insight Video Netís CMS back end solution, it is a truly revolutionary system. Each hardware specification is a cut above the competition, and Panasonic also is including overnight delivery of warranty replacement parts, in the rare instance that they might be needed, as opposed to the long turn around times that are typical from non-core manufacturers.

Please contact Megan at 303-257-0694 for additional information on this exciting technology from Panasonic and we will continue to bring your solution together.