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Global Mounting Solutions, Inc. offers a wide variety of model specific docking stations and cradles as well as universal cradles for in vehicle laptop use. A docking station means no cables to connect or disconnect as you insert or remove the laptop. Charging power for the laptop's battery as well as connection to any peripherals such as printers, modems, magnetic stripe readers, etc. is provided. If your application doesn't involve connecting anything more than a power cable, a cradle may be the right solution for you.

Most docks and cradles can be configured to include accessories such as keyboard light/map light, screen stiffeners, accessory brackets, etc. Global Mounting Solutions offers high quality docks and cradles that have key locks and are made of metal rather than plastic, as we feel anything less may compromise security or the user's safety. We offer docking stations and cradles from multiple manufacturers including:

  • Havis
  • Gamber Johnson
  • Precision Mounting Technologies
  • Kodiak Mobile by Jotto Desk