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Global Mounting Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer the a variety of GPS tracking systems to fit your every need, from GPS logging to fleet management.

GPS tracking brings a new sense of accountability and fleet management to the driver's seat. Our systems specialize in real-time workforce tracking which benefits any company in a variety of ways:

  • Service more customers without purchasing additional trucks and personnel
  • Instantly identify closest employee/tech/driver to customer location
  • Eliminate private use of vehicles
  • Enforce lunch break compliance
  • Know when an employee starts or finishes the day
  • Reconcile the start and stop times of previous jobs
  • Report after hours use
  • Enforce route compliance
  • Provide immediate status of customer deliveries
  • Compare the performance of multiple drivers
  • Lower insurance premiums by demonstrating vehicles are not used for personal use
  • Reward drivers who do not exceed speed limits
  • Locate a vehicle in case of an accident or medical emergency
  • Track the exact location of valuable cargo
  • Recover a stolen vehicle
  • Verify payroll and account billing information via detailed reports
These systems have a bevy of options and will provide a multitude of benefits to any company.