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Regardless of whether you are planning on deploying a new mobile data system or upgrading an existing one, there are a number of items to consider before you start. Here are some suggestions:
  • What type of computer do we need? Will our users be removing the computers from the vehicles or leaving them in at all times?
  • Will the users be operating the mobile computers at night?
  • Will our users need to connect to dispatch/records from their vehicle?
  • Will our users need to do report writing in the vehicles?
  • Will our users need a printer in the vehicle?
  • Do we want to utilize mapping, GPS (global positioning system) and AVL (automatic vehicle location) for routing, safety and asset management functions?
  • How much room is available in the vehicle for a mobile computer (i.e. - do our vehicles have consoles that are installed against the dashboard or bench seats?) If we rearrange the console, etc. what impact will that have on other equipment in their vehicles (i.e. - gun racks, radio mounts, phone mounts, cup holders, etc.)?
  • Is there equipment mounted to the top of the dashboard (i.e. - radar units, video cameras, etc.)?
  • Do we use leased or purchased vehicles and if leased, can we drill holes in them for mounts, antennas, etc.?