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GMSI now specializes in hardware needs for the healthcare industry.

Why is GMSI entering into the healthcare industry? Because we see the numerous similarities between the worlds of public safety and healthcare - the need for quality and portable equipment in a chaotic world. We also recognize the need for efficient hardware to make the exchange of vital data adaptable for every employee and all preferences of use. In that regard, we see the comparisons to public safety and how our goal is to make sure every dept (FD, PD, and EMS) have the solution for everyone’s needs.

What sets GMSI apart from other hardware suppliers? Nearly 30 years of experience in the public safety industry has taught us that not all solutions are created equal. We prefer to facilitate a total solution throughout the life of the project, one that will last longer then the 1 ½ years that most healthcare hardware vendors supply. We also realize that each employee is different and will require specific needs so we offer a multitude of different solutions to fit anybody’s department. We offer the full line of Panasonic Toughbooks, General Dynamics laptops and Ergotron med carts- rugged, semi-rugged, handhelds, and desktop portability - all available for your varying needs. From larger screens to smaller screens, touchscreen to non-touch, keyboard or no keyboard, large or small, carts or handhelds - GMSI has the solution for you.

Please call Chris 303-478-9097 or Mike 303-898-5882 today with any questions and to receive a full line of healthcare hardware that is available. GMSI knows that the end result is patient safety and ease of use for your staff - we look forward to bringing your solution together.