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Did you know that GMSI has extensive installation and mounting system experience with mobile data for fire departments?

Mobile data mounting hardware for most police vehicles has been well established over the last decade. Numerous choices for mounting options are usually available due to the relative small number of vehicle types used for patrol purposes. Dedicated mounts are common and there are many quality systems to choose from.

This is not the case for Fire Apparatus and Ambulances. With dozens of different cab configurations available for the trucks and medical transport vehicles, there typically are not dedicated mounts even made for these vehicles. An agency looking to install mobile data into a fire truck is left with few options - among them, so-called "universal mounts" or "home-brew" mounts made by a radio shop, fleet shop or even firemen or paramedics themselves. Unfortunately, the latter options rarely address the issue with a safe and practical solution.

This is where GMSI can help. With our extensive knowledge of fire department vehicle types and our expert evaluation of your department's needs, we are certain to match your need with a solid solution. Due to our partnerships with mounting manufacturers such as Precision Mounting Technologies, LedCo , Havis Sheild and Gamber Johnson, we can offer a wide array of choices for your vehicles.

Many times, there may not be a specific mount made that will work for your vehicles. If there is not a mount already on the market that will satisfy your agency's requirements, we'll have one made. And what's more - if necessary we'll have a prototype unit made ahead of time to install for your evaluation. This is critical to insure that the mounting system for your mobile data system performs to and exceeds your expectations. Due to our partnerships with mounting manufactueres, we can have a mount go from "idea to installed" in no time flat.

Not only do you have to figure out a mounting system you also realize you need to computer to stay on 24/7. That means battery draw. While many apparatus and ambulances have shoreline power (AC line charging) when parked, many do not. GMSI can help with that as well. We can install shoreline receptacles with auto-eject and charging systems on your vehicles to help maintain full charge on their batteries even with accessories and computers running full time.

When we say we are "Bringing the Solution Together", we mean it - large or small!