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You have a laptop and maybe a dock or cradle, but now you need to have a system to mount them. Your vehicle is your "office on the road", so a safe and practical mounting system for your laptop is important. Global Mounting Solutions works with you to decide what mount works best. After all, if the laptop is not in a safe, comfortable location for the user, it may rarely or even never get used!

Many mounts we offer require no drilling, thus cutting down on labor time to install and making it easier to transition the mount to a new car when the original is retired. As with our docks and cradles, we offer high-quality metal mounts to ensure user safety and long life for your mobile computer. We can supply mounting systems for a wide range of vehicles from these manufacturers:

  • Havis
  • Gamber Johnson
  • Precision Mounting Technologies
  • Lund Industries
  • Ram Mounting Technologies
  • Kodiak Mobile by Jotto Desk