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Panasonic produces the Toughbook line of rugged and semi-rugged laptops, convertible tablets and handhelds.

The Toughbook series has been the industry standard for nearly 10 years. The CF-30 rugged laptop continues the legacy started in 1995 with the CF-25. The CF-18 rugged convertible laptop is an industry first fully-rugged convertible laptop/tablet with the CF-19 carrying on the tradition. The PDRC (Permanent Display Removable Computer) gives you a daylight readable display and separate, removable keyboard while retaining the ability to remove the laptop from the vehicle.

The Toughbook series also offers a semi-rugged line that was made to follow the needs of the business world. There are 5 lines to choose from which all feature a full magnesium alloy case to help avoid the spills, drops and vibrations of your everyday world. The Toughbook 51 is a full featured mobile presentation platform while the Toughbook T5 is sleek, durable and wireless with a mounted handle for easy transportation. The Toughbook W5 is the ultra thin, wireless, integrated combo drive that has been making waves in the laptop industry. In addition to the rugged and semi-rugged lines, a Mobile Data Wireless Display and the revolutionary Arbitrator Mobile Digital Video System round out Panasonic's line of "Computers for the Outside World". Its not just a laptop. It is supreme reliability in extreme conditions!

With brighter screens, longer battery lives, improved GPS capabilites, and four wireless options, the new fully-rugged Panasonic Toughbook 19 and 30 ensure your operating at the highest level of productivity possible. Through our distinctive association with Panasonic GMSI can offer you, the customer, the best price and solutions for your mobile data needs. This is just another way that GMSI can bring your solution together.

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